Bringing together everything you need

We optimize our flexible manufacturing models to meet your time-to-market, resiliency and end-market requirements.

We leverage our sustainable supply chain network, domain expertise, scale and talented employees to fulfill your manufacturing requirements, regardless of complexity, region or market.

And we deliver maximum value with disciplined execution to ensure the highest quality and efficiency.

Why Work With Us

Optimized manufacturing

You have unique manufacturing requirements. Our flexible, fast and resilient models help you achieve your manufacturing and business goals – no matter how complex your products. To accomplish this, we leverage world-class advanced manufacturing methodologies, tools and expertise. Plus, our Design for Excellence (DFX) services ensure a seamless and optimized transition from design to the factory.

Industry 4.0

We continually invest in a focused portfolio of advanced manufacturing capabilities and technologies, including simulation, automation and robotics, digitization and additive manufacturing. This investment provides you with greater efficiency, quality and sustainability. Whether you need to reduce time-to-market, scale complex manufacturing processes, improve yields or streamline prototyping, we can help you realize your manufacturing goals.

Quality and efficiency

Our manufacturing expertise, disciplined execution, Agile methodologies and Lean principles ensure the highest quality and efficiency for our customers. We have a culture of continuous improvement and regulatory compliance across our global manufacturing sites. We develop products using a worldwide ISO-certified quality management system. We also regularly conduct Kaizen workshops internally, and with customers and suppliers, in all regions.

Partnership for success

We’re passionate about meeting and exceeding our customers’ manufacturing needs. We do this globally across markets through our trusted supply chain network, domain expertise, scale and talented employees. You have access to our full regional capabilities to help you design, build and deliver innovative products. This includes tapping into more than 20 design and innovation centers, manufacturing teams in more than 30 countries and responsible operations, everywhere.

Our Manufacturing Services
Injection Molding
Meetwan Engineer utilise the latest tool design software to meet the requirements of complex part geometry and manufacture tools up to 15T that produce parts for a wide range of industries including Automotive,Medical Aerospace,Household Appliance,Industrial equipment,Scientific Instrument etc.
Injection Tooling
Our plastic injection tooling making engineers have a full checklist they utilize for every tool design and tool build. We are able to manufacture P20 or H13 steel tools at 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of aluminum tools in the other countries.
Perfect equipment and strong technical force have unique advantages in the development and manufacture of "high, precise and large" forgings.
Plastic Extrusion
Meetwan Engineer access a wide variety of plastic compounds to produce the highest quality plastic extrusions at competitive prices.
Die Casting
Meetwan Engineer Die castings has been developing zinc and aluminum cast components over 20 years. Refinements in both the alloys and the process have expanded our applications to most market sectors. Size, shape, thickness, strength and precision combine to offer designers unsurpassed qualities in performance and visual aesthetics.
Sheet metal Stamping
Sheet Metal Stamping includes a variety of sheet-metal forming processes such as punching, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining.
MIM (Metal Injection Molding)
MIM (Metal injection molding) offers a manufacturing capability for producing complex shapes in large quantities.
Aluminum Extrusion
Meetwan Engineer provide a total manufacturing solution for aluminum extruded products including surface finishing, machining, cutting and assembly. Alloys used include AA6060, AA6063, AA6061, AA6005 and AA6082.