2022 Red Dot Award: Product Design Award|design and rapid prototyping service

2023-03-26 16:47

The Red dot product design award has been established since 1954 and has a history of more than 60 years. The Red Dot Best of the Best Award represents the highest level of excellence in product design and advanced rapid prototyping services, recognizing the most outstanding and forward-thinking designs in each product category. Possibly from prototype to small batch production. Involving 3D printing, rapid cnc machining, sheet metal, vacuum casting, etc.

A total of 118 entries won the Red Dot: Best of the Best in 2022, where top designs from around the world competed, including many traditional brands such as Apple, Google, Philips and Ferrari, as well as some emerging brands in a fierce competition.

The 48 international judges of the red dot jury, whose motto was "in search of design excellence and innovation", evaluated each product entry professionally, individually and comprehensively. Those products with outstanding design quality were recognized and awarded by the jury and set a new standard for the design industry.

Here are the latest winners of the 2022 Red Dot Best of Design Award, which we will enjoy together (in no particular order)